Monday, January 16, 2012

new blog... soon??

Dear friends: my new blog was supposed to launch today.
That will not happen.
Why? Because I decided to spend time with people this weekend, instead of working.
I'm 150% comfortable with this decision.
And 150% comfortable with pushing my new blog launch date until later this week. Possibly Wednesday, or as late as Friday.

I'd rather have it perfect than to launch it half-cocked.

Anxious anticipation, on the edge of your seats! And in the meantime, this is a tiny bit of my process. My designer is exponentially more sophisticated in her design process than I am... and a brief comparison of our end result is full proof of the fact that I neeeeed a designer.


  1. I am excited about your new blog!!

  2. Me too! Have fun this weekend...we will trrrrry to wait patiently for the launch... :)