Friday, May 27, 2011

Things I love: viral networks, instigram, and God's faithfulness

A friend from my church is missing. His name is Matt Hill, and he worked with Campus Outreach in Washington, DC. He was last seen on Tuesday at 10:30am near Chinatown in downtown after dropping off a student. He was expected back at the office for a meeting at 11am, but he never showed up. Fox News gave this report on him last night:

I know that seems like an odd way to begin a "Things I Love" Friday post, but I think it's appropriate. First, because it occupies much of my mind right now, and second, because it rightly reflects the things that I love this week. 

Viral Networking
The news about Matt's disappearance spread like wildfire across Facebook. It has been so encouraging to see the body of Christ rally around, share posts about Matt on their Facebook profiles, and share in praying for him. I don't know Matt very well, but when part of the Body of Christ hurts, the entire Body hurts, and I understand this today better than ever before.

I'm absolutely in love with my iPhone for lots of reasons, but a huge one is that I have a point-and-shoot camera with me wherever I go. Instigram is my new favorite way to publish those lovely little snapshots. This was my snapshot of yesterday afternoon:

God's Faithfulness
Why does that verse bring comfort? Why aren't we all weeping and terrified when we can't find Matt? Why do frightening, out-of-our-control situations leave us peaceful and calm? In the video clip above, Matt's boss Dave Russell says it rightly— "We take great comfort in knowing that God's in control. We don't know where Matt is, but God does."

God's faithfulness is not affected by circumstances that seem out of our control. He is outside of us, outside of the limitations of the world. In fact, He's the creator of it. Colossians says that "He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together." All things include Matt's disappearance. In Malachi 3:6 God says that He does not change. Ever. And it's because He doesn't change that "we are not consumed." God, in His great mercy and kindness toward us, works all things together for our good and His glory. If He says He does not change, it means He really won't change. If He says He is the protector, then He will protect. If He says He will never leave or forsake, then He will always stay. So we trust Matt to His care, for our God cares better than any of us could.


  1. such a good post sarah. i love your heart.

  2. Joining you in prayer for Matt

  3. thank you, Sarah, for the excellent reminder. God knew I needed that in the middle of the night with a sick child causing my heart to worry and Pete out of town not here to bring me back to truth. Thank you for speaking truth to my heart. Praying for Matt as well.